AJ – a name given to her by a former colleague and it stuck.  Allison has enjoyed her career spanning many different areas of the insurance world.  From a large insurance company home office, broker consultant, to starting BDC with Richard Anderson.  Two grown daughters, husband Scott, loves to play tennis, golf (somewhat) and travel.  Loves banana crème pie until it was out of fashion with her wellness program.

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Senior Account Executive

Our farm girl from Montana who’s been with us for years decided that teaching wasn’t her calling but self-funding seems to have captured her attention.  She has over two decades of diverse experience in the employee benefit/health insurance industry.  Saralynn assists brokers, consultants, and TPA in all phases of successful implementation. She continues to operate as the lead point of contact for any and all matters specific to our customers.  She has visited all 50 states with her husband Dave, and now their bucket list has grown to include visiting National Parks and State Monuments. Thus far, their count is well over 100.

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Administrative Assistant/Excel Specialist

Born and raised in Colorado, with one of the biggest shoe collections, Chelci has spent most of her time with local fire departments and hospitals in their operations of community outreach and public assistance. She focused on maintaining data entry and analysis, as well as training and communications for corresponding parties. Chelci is a middle child, loves fashion and clothing design, hiking and spending time with her miniature morkie Prince Toby.

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Senior Consultant

Ask him to tell you the story behind his nickname; Grunion.  Chocolate lover, dog lover, story teller.  He loves to tell stories, and is a huge Colorado trivia fan.  He and his wife are passionate RVers, and love to travel.  Oh, and he knows lots of stuff about insurance and self-funding. In fact he helped to put self-funding on the map in the Western U.S.

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Senior Underwriter

Who knew where an Art Degree will land you?  Her expertise is stop-loss placement and helping clients with difficult claims situations.  Having survived getting her children all into adulthood, she is looking forward to life’s great next adventure.  She loves playing golf, and reading a great book.  Not to mention, Karen can sing the Filipino National Anthem in Tagalog.  Having traveled to many wonderful places around the world, she loves Colorado best.


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